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VSS 2011

Here is the list of the posters presented by our group at VSS
Vision Sciences Society, May 6-11, 2011, Naples (USA):

You can find the pdf and the abstracts of the posters in the Presentations section.

Anderson, E., Dakin, S., Schwarzkopf, D. S., Rees, G., & Greenwood, J. (2011).
The neural correlates of crowding-induced changes in appearance.

Anstis, S., & Cavanagh, P. (2011).
Large illusory displacements of spots flashed on a moving object.

Dakin, S., Tibber, M., Greenwood, J., Kingdom, F., & Morgan, M. (2011).
The common perceptual metric for human discrimination of number and density.

Dambacher, M., Rolfs, M., & Cavanagh, P. (2011).
Visual adaptation of causality.

Greenwood, J., Tailor, V., Simmers, A., Sloper, J., Rubin, G., Bex, P., & Dakin, S. (2011).
Links between acuity, crowding and binocularity in children with and without amblyopia.

Hein, E., & Cavanagh, P. (2011).
Correspondence in apparent motion: Features don’t like to travel far.

Kosovicheva, A. A., Maus, G. W., Anstis, S., Cavanagh, P, Tse, P. U., & Whitey, D. (2011).
The motion-induced shift in the perceived location of a grating also shifts its aftereffect.

Jonikaitis, D., Paepper, M., & Deubel, H. (2011).
Saccades redistribute attentional resources.

Manassi, M., Sayim, B., & Herzog, P. (2011).
When bigger is better.

Morvan, C., Deubel, H., & Cavanagh, P. (2011). (talk)
Saccade target visible on landing despite removal: Can human observers see the prediction generated by presaccadic remapping?

Sayim, B., & Cavanagh, P. (2011).
Effects of target-flanker grouping in crowding inside and outside the critical spacing.

Szinte, M., Correia, S., & Cavanagh, P. (2011).
Breakdown of spatial constancy for head roll but not head translation

Tibber, M., Greenwood, J., & Dakin, S. (2011).
Psychophysical evidence for a common metric underlying number and density discrimination.

Tse, P., Whitney, D., Anstis, S., & Cavanagh, P. (2011).
Voluntary attention modulates motion-induced mislocalization.

Vaziri Pashkam, M., & Cavanagh, P. (2011).
Saccades to moving targets are not influenced by the speed overestimation at low luminance.

Veenemans, A., & Cavanagh, P. (2011).
Tailgate masking: the obliterating effect of the unattended pre-mask.

Yeh, S.-L., He, S., & Cavanagh, P. (2011).
Extraction of semantic information from unidentifiable, crowded words.

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