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ECVP 2011

Here is the list of the talks and posters presented by our group at ECVP:
European Conference on Visual Perception, August 28-September 1, 2011, Toulouse (France)

Motion correspondence shows feature bias in spatiotopic coordinates
E Hein, P Cavanagh (abstract)

Do Artists See their Retinas?
F Perdreau, P Cavanagh (abstract, pdf)

Long range grouping affects crowding
B Sayim, P Cavanagh (abstract)

Transient target signals reduce crowding, transient flanker signals do not
J Greenwood, P Cavanagh (abstract)

Sequential decisions on a memorized visual feature reveal implicit knowledge of decision errors - A Gorea, P Cavanagh, J A Solomon (abstract)

Crowding is immune to the pre-saccadic shift of attention
C Morvan, P Cavanagh (abstract)

Grouping trumps pooling and centroids in crowding
M Manassi, B Sayim, M H Herzog (abstract, pdf)

The pdf and the abstracts of all the talks and posters will soon be found in the presentations section.

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