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VSS 2012

Here is the list of talks and posters that will be presented by our group at VSS Vision Sciences Society, May 11-16, 2012, Naples (Florida):

Martin Szinte, Donatas Jonikaitis, Martin Rolfs, Patrick Cavanagh. Allocation of attention across saccades. (abstract)

Bilge Sayim, John Greenwood, Patrick Cavanagh. A remote target repetition reduces crowding. (abstract)

John Greenwood, Martin Szinte, Bilge Sayim, Patrick Cavanagh. Shared spatial uncertainty for crowding and saccades. (abstract)

Patrick Cavanagh, Stuart Anstis. The Flash Grab Effect. (abstract)

Andrei Gorea, Patrick Cavanagh, Joshua Solomon. On successive memories. (abstract)

Florian Perdreau, Patrick Cavanagh. The Artist’s visual span: better performance through smaller windows. (abstract)

Elisabeth Hein, Patrick Cavanagh. Features bias correspondence in apparent motion over short distances in the Ternus display but long distances in split motion. (abstract)

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