Centre Attention & Vision du LPP UMR 8242 – 45 rue des Saints Peres 75006 Paris, France


Vision Science Society 2013

Szinte, M., Rolfs, M., Carrasco, M., Cavanagh, P. et al. Remapping of attentionally tracked locations.

Li, H., Shim, W., Cavanagh, P.. Cross-modal motion-induced position shift.

Tripathy, S., Cavanagh, P., & Bedell, H. Large interaction zones for visual crowding for briefly presented peripheral stimuli.

Greenwood, J., & Cavanagh, P.. A release from crowding using task-irrelevant object parts.

Zimmermann, E., Fink, G., Cavanagh, P.. Perifoveal spatial compression.

Stanley, J., Forte, J., Cavanagh, P., et al. Color and luminance influence, but can not explain, binocular rivalry onset bias.

Perdreau, F., & Cavanagh, P.. The artist's advantage: better spatial and temporal integration of object structure. Pdf.

Störmer, V., Cavanagh, P., & Alvarez, G. The profile of multifocal attention: surround-suppression between and within hemifields.

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