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Richard Krauzlis in Paris!


We had the honor of receiving Richard Krauzlis in our lab. He visited for two weeks.
The Real Time Rolling Krauszlis Experimental Workshop was held on 4 sessions spread over 9 days from February 25th to March 5th. These were not seminars but discussions of various topics in spatial attention, physiology and eye movements with the goal of planning and running experiments during the workshop. In attendance in addition to LPP members were Rich Krauzlis and James Herman from NIH in Bethesda, MD, USA, Martin Rolfs and Carlos Cassanello from the Bernstein Center in Berlin, Florian Ostendorf from La Charite, Berlin, Eckart Zimmermann from Julich Research, Laurent Goffart and Clara Bourrelly from INT Marseille, Martin Szinte and Donatas Jonikaitis from Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat,Munich,and Paolo Bartolomeo and Stefania de VIto from ICM in Paris. The workshop was a success and we hope to present results and publications soon.

Here is the Final Program and a link to the videos of the presentations

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