Centre Attention & Vision du LPP UMR 8242 – 45 rue des Saints Peres 75006 Paris, France


October 6 to 15: The Berkely Workshop

With 5 sessions over 10 days, the Berkeley Workshop at LPP, hosted by ERC Position involved presentation of research ideas, followed by a week of experimenting and ended with a summary of what was discovered. In attendance, in addition to LPP members, were David Whitney, Gerrit Maus, Ben Wolfe, Anna Kosovicheva, Alina Liberman, Allison Yamanashi, and Wes Chaney from Berkeley, Viola Strmer and Jason Haberman from Harvard, Santani Teng from MIT, Daw-An Wu from Cal Tech and Eckart Zimmermann from Jlich Research,Clara Bourrelly from INT Marseille, Gracie Edwards from Glasgow, and Paolo Bartolomeo and Stefania de Vito from ICM, Paris.

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