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New publications

Lisi, M., Cavanagh, P., & Zorzi, M. (2015). Spatial constancy of attention across eye movements is mediated by the presence of visual objects. Attention, Perception & Psychophysics, in press.

Born, S., Zimmerman, E., & Cavanagh, P. (2015). The spatial profile of mask-induced compression for perception and action. Vision Research, in press.

Kohler, P. J., Cavanagh, P., & Tse, P. U. (2015). Motion-induced position shifts are influenced by global motion, but dominated by component motion. Vision Research, in press.

Perdreau, F., & Cavanagh, P. (2015). Drawing experts have better visual memory while drawing. Journal of Vision, in press.

Szinte, M., Carrasco, M. Cavanagh, P., & Rolfs, M. (2015). Attentional tradeoffs maintain the tracking of moving objects across saccades. Journal of Neurphysiology, in press.

Cavanagh, P. (2014). Guest editorial: Applied neuroscience. Current Biology, 24, R849-851.

Cavanagh, P. (2014). Q & A: Patrick Cavanagh. Current Biology, 24, R260-262.

Greenwood, J., Sayim B., & Cavanagh, P. (2014). Crowding is reduced by onset transients in the targets but not in the flankers. Journal of Vision, 14(6):2, 1-21.

Li, H.-H., Shim, W. M., & Cavanagh, P. (2014). Backward position shift in apparent motion. Journal of Vision, 14(1):16, 1-10.

MacDonald, J., Cavanagh, P., & VanRullen, R. (2014). Attentional sampling of multiple wagon wheels. Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics, 76(1), 64-72.

Sayim, B., Greenwood,. J. Cavanagh, P. (2014). Foveal target repetitions reduce crowding. Journal of Vision, 14(6):4, 1-12.

Tripathy, S., Cavanagh, P., & Bedell, H. (2014). Large crowding zones in peripheral vision for briefly-presented stimuli. Journal of Vision, 14(6):11, 1-11.

Zimmerman, E., Born, S., Fink, G. R., & Cavanagh, P. (2014). Masking produces compression of space and time in the absence of eye movements. Journal of Neurophysiology, 112, 3066-3076.

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