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Here you find media coverage of our research.

Carnegie Mellon University Psychology magazine, Patrick Cavanagh's interview in February 2016 :pdf

Current Biology, Patrick Cavanagh's Interview, 2014,pdf

TDC Interview 2013,pdf

Perspective, Debat, Sciences cognitives et histoire de l'art, une cooperation en devenir? 2013,pdf

picassoArtists, the original neuroscientists, The Hindu, December 2013 pdf

icon-hallofmirrorsMystery of the Slanting Car, Collaboration with With artist Denis Connolly

billiards_1Futurity, January, 2013,
Eyes are quick to judge cause and effect

icon-eyeofthebeholderCurrent Biology, January, 2013,
Researchers find causality in the eye of the beholder
also in Science Daily and Neuroscience Blog!

icon-hallofmirrorsCurrent Biology, December, 2012,
No logical thinking required: causality judgments can be "felt". Also viewed in Humbolt University Press Portal!

icon-hallofmirrorsHall of mirrors, Collaboration with the artists, 2010-2011

65e135ee43Medienportal, Visit to Vienna University, October 7, 2011
Einladung zum Pressegespräch: Kunst und Kognition – Wie das Gehirn die Physik austrickst

icon-sciencefriday-tv1Science Friday (TV), February 2011
Priming the Mind's Eye (video)

icon-new-waver2New Waver, January 2011
Art on the brain. An eye-opening tour of the Louvre with Patrick Cavanagh (pdf)

icon-sciencedaily1Science Daily, 1st December 2011
How Human Vision Perceives Rapid Changes: Brain Predicts Consequences of Eye Movements Based on What We See Next

icon-ny-univNew York University, 1st October 2011
Researchers uncover behavioral process anticipating the results of rapid eye movements

TDC1016TDC Interview "Cette diversite de recherches est une richesse", May 2011

icon-nature1Nature, 23th December 2010
Man or woman? Depends on view (pdf)

le-monde_etude-cavanagh_271110Le Monde, 27th November 2010
Donner un genre à un visage, matière à illusions (pdf)

icon-mit-newsMIT news, 26th November 2010
When gender isn't written all over one's face

icon-newscientistNew Scientist, 18th September 2010
Windows to the mind (pdf)

membership_DSC0337World Science Festival, July 3, 2010
A Painting is a Kind of Line (video)

eye_candy_science_sight_art-300x300World Science Festival, June 3, 2010
Eye Candy: Science, Sight, Art

art_brain_mindScientific American, June 4, 2010
Why so many artists have lazy eyes, and other things art can teach us about the brain

crop-smart_upscaleThe Harvard Crimson, February 9, 2010
Painting Perception - Harvard scientists try to dissect the enigma of art

icon-sciencedaily20091Science Daily, 29th August 2009
New Study Suggests The Brain Predicts What Eyes In Motion Will See

icon-machinesMachinesLikeUs, 26th August 2009
The brain may predict what eyes in motion will see