I started at McGill as a computer/electrical engineer, wanting to make thinking computers. But then I thought, why not study the really big computer. I went to Carnegie-Mellon University for a doctorate (PhD) to mingle with Herb Simon and Allen Newell. My earliest interests centered on short-term memory and neural models and these projects evolved into my research in vision. Research in vision is an adventure of discovery, full of surprises and challenges, with the ever pleasant company of hardy, ingenious colleagues and students. We are like tourists observing and describing the mysterious customs and rituals of the visual system. OK, sometimes the weather turns bad, the luggage is lost, and we take the wrong road. But what a fabulous trip. Université de Montréal, Harvard University, Université Paris Descartes, Dartmouth College, and Glendon College. I am an academic transient. Currently traveling through attention and the position sense.
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